Orders ship out within 1 to 2 days from receipt.  No handling costs are added. 

We use Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service for a number of reasons.

First, the Post Office supplies most of the shipping boxes which means we do not have to purchase boxes and include this in the merchandise cost.

Second.  Priority Mail has a built in tracking feature that is for your protection.  With the tracking you can be sure a company has actually shipped your package.  For example, if the package does not arrive, you contact the company.  With a tracking number the company should be able to locate lost or mis-directed packages.  Without any tracking feature they could claim they sent you the merchandise but they had no proof of shipment. 

Third: Because we are a company we have a reduced Priority Mail rate called Commercial Base.  This rate is cheaper than the Priority Mail rate you would receive if you took the package to the Post Office. 

Finally: CattyCorner.com only charges actual shipping costs (visible on your mailing label).  If your shipping cost is more than what the computer calculated when you placed the order,  we pay the difference.  If your shipping cost is less than what the computer calculated, we adjust your final shipping cost down when we ship your order.